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Tom Hirt is an old-fashioned guy who does things the old-fashioned way. You might call him a throw--back to a bygone era--that time when wranglers and cowboys took care of business with their bare hands.

Hirt continues that tradition to this day as a hat maker who makes superior-quality beaver felt hats one at a time by hand. Known as the Hat Maker for the Movies, he has designed hats for many famous clients including Val Kilmer, Sam Elliot, Sharon Stone.

His credits include Tombstone, The Quick and the Dead, Conagher and many others.

After almost 20 years, he is considered one of the West's most notable and most established hatters.

Best of the West magazine named him Best Hatmaker of 2002.

Touch the photo to see me roping.

Each hat is handmade from start to finish. All crowns are hand-formed over old-fashioned wooden blocks-some original style blocks date back over 100 years-brims are flanged, sanded, pounced and finished by hand. "It is a long process from the raw felt body to the finished hat that can be worn and worn hard, but then quality is not a commodity that can be produced quickly," Hirt said.

His custom hats range in price from $300-$2800.

Hirt works out of a small shop on his Penrose ranch, and calls Colorado home, but has cowboyed on several ranches throughout Colorado and the Southwest. (He's quick to note the difference between wranglers and cowboys: Wranglers work with horses and cowboys work with cows.)

As a hat maker, Hirt considers himself part of a dying breed. In an effort to pass on some of his skills, he plans to teach a hat making course early next. Right now, he estimates there are less than 50 hat makers left in the United States that know the skills of hat making by hand.

Soon, you'll be able to see his Chuckwagon and Horses.

Listen to Tom interviewed on Voices Of The West Podcast here

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